Our Staff

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Executive Office

Secretary Tom Vilsack, President and CEO 

Omar Syed, Senior Advisor to the President and CEO

Matt McKnight, Chief Operating Officer


Global Marketing

Vikki Nicholson, Senior Vice President, Global Marketing

Angélique Hollister, Vice President, Cheese and Consumer Products

Terri Rexroat, Vice President, U.S. Trade Services

Kristi Saitama, Vice President, Export Marketing Ingredients

Amy Foor, Director, Export Marketing Programs

Ryan Hopkin, Coordinator, Export Programs


Market Access and Regulatory Affairs

Jonathan Gardner, Senior Vice President, Market Access, Regulatory Compliance

Sandra Benson, Vice President, Market Access and Regulatory Affairs

Edward Fetzer, Director, Market Access and Regulatory Affairs

Holly DeLidle, Manager, Market Access and Regulatory Affairs

Bryan Jacoby, Coordinator, Market Access and Regulatory Affairs

Jessica Smith, Coordinator, Market Access and Regulatory Affairs


Operations and Evaluation

Chuck Timpko, Senior Vice President, Operations and Evaluation

Daniel Ingram, Vice President, Information Resources

Kari Kwiatkowski, Director, Government Funding Compliance & Operations

Erin Kealiher, Manager, Government Funding Compliance & Operations


Strategic and Industry Communications

Margaret Speich, Senior Vice President, Strategic and Industry Communications

Kara McDonald, Vice President, Global Marketing Communications

Mark O'Keefe, Vice President, Editorial Services

Luke Waring, Manager, Communications and Membership

Weston Abels, Coordinator, Member Services


Strategy and Insights

Marc Beck, Executive Vice President, Strategy and Insights

Ross Christieson, Senior Vice President, Market Research and Analysis

Annie Bienvenue, Vice President, Technical Services

Alan Levitt, Vice President, Communications and Market Analysis

Merle McNeil, Director, Market Research and Analysis

Katie Phelan, Director, Strategic Business Development

Dacia Whitsett-Morrow, Director, Strategy and Insights

Rebecca Vidal, Coordinator, Strategy and Insights

Cameron Burris, Coordinator, Market Research and Analysis


Trade Policy

Jaime Castaneda, Senior Vice President, Trade Policy

Shawna Morris, Vice President, Trade Policy

Morgan Beach, Manager, Trade Policy